Thomas Moore was just 6 years old when he decided to take on the sweetest project ever: he grew out his hair for the next two years to make wigs for kids who lost theirs to chemo. The adorable boy made the decision after seeing his mother watch a video about a little girl who had lost all her hair because of chemotherapy.

As you can see from the pictures below, Thomas grew an impressive amount of hair! He grew enough to make not just one or two, but three whole wigs. His aunt, Amber Ray, shared the before-and-after picture on Twitter and it’s quickly gone viral. It’s been shared 60,000 times and liked by over 120,000 people!

Thomas decided to grow out his hair to donate to kids with cancer

He grew out his hair for two years

This is how long it grew!

It’s enough to make three wigs

Thomas and his aunt, Amber Ray

His kindness has made famous on Twitter

Image source: Twitter

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