Just the other week, I was at the ATM late at night and feeling a little nervous thinking how anyone could come out of the bushes and mug me. Fortunately for me, my deposit went smoothly without anyone trying to mug me. Unfortunately, mugging is just one of the many ways criminals are trying to scam you at the ATM.

Authorities around the world have found all kinds of insane ways people have rigged up ATM machines to illegally profit off innocent people. Card skimmers, cash traps, and system hacks are discreet enough to warrant zero concern from ATM users… until they realize their hard-earned money is missing.

Some ways you can try and protect yourself…

-Only use an ATM if it’s at a bank you trust with 24-hour surveillance.

-Cover your pin whenever you type it in.

-Check your bank account on a regular basis so that you can catch any fraudulent charges or withdrawals right away and inform your bank.

-And always be on the lookout for the following ATM scams…

1. Wiggle the card reader to make sure it's real

The same fake card readers have also been found at gas stations.


2. Real ATM Vs. Fake ATM Skimmer

If there are cracks underneath the receipt slot, you're likely looking at a fake ATM skimmer. Fake ATM skimmers transmit stolen data directly to the criminal, often via text message.


3. Another Way To Identify An ATM Skimmer

If the headphone socket appears sunk in or out of alignment, it might be an ATM Skimmer.


4. Some scammers will go to any lengths...

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5. Make Sure The Keypad Looks Legit

Here's an ATM keypad overlay and card skimmer

Matt South

6. If The Card Slot Sticks Out, It's An ATM Skimmer


7. Pay Close Attention To Subtle Changes At ATMs You Regularly Use

"Button color is changed (this particular ATM had black button before)"


8. Card Reader & Camera Attached As A Panel On The Frame Of The Screen


#What are some precautions you take at the ATM?

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