Two-year-old Mirranda Grace Lawson’s brief life was snuffed out because of a bizarre cause—a popcorn kennel. Mirranda passed away in November 2016 after accidentally choking on a piece of popcorn at her mother’s birthday party six months earlier.

Her parents want to share her story with other families to help raise awareness of the dangers of something as innocuous as popcorn. It’s a small comfort knowing that Mirranda’s untimely death may help to save other young children from similar choking hazards.


Alison Lawson, Mirranda’s mom, was celebrating her birthday at home with her four kids and husband Pat. The family enjoyed a wonderful day together, but tragedy struck at the very end when Mirranda ran into the living room and collapsed.

Her father tried to perform CPR but by the time an ambulance arrived, her heart had stopped beating. The paramedics managed to get her heart beating again but they couldn’t find anything obstructing her windpipe. At that time, nobody knew that a popcorn kernel was what caused the problem.


Mirranda was taken to a hospital and placed on a ventilator. After she spent some time in intensive care with no signs of improvement, doctors performed a brain death test and discovered that while her body was still alive, the sweet little girl inside was already gone.

One of the nurses made this birthday card for Mirranda’s dad using her little footprint.


The hospital made plans to take Mirranda off life support, but the Lawsons wanted to give her more time. They took the case to court and racked up a $30,000 bill just to give their daughter a chance to wake up and recover.

Six months later the legal system never had to make a decision. Mirranda’s condition worsened and she died on her own in November, leaving behind a grieving family that was not ready to lose their little angel.

For more information on Mirranda’s story, check out the GoFundMe page the Lawsons set up when she was in the hospital. The family is no longer accepting donations but they want people to SHARE Mirranda’s tragic story and help spread awareness about the surprising choking hazards that surround us.


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