It’s always scary being a newcomer, especially when you’re a kid. It turns out elephants know that feeling all too well and they go out of their way to make newcomers feel welcome. A video from the Save Elephant Foundation shows the residents of Thailand’s Elephant Nature Park running to meet a rescued baby elephant.

The orphaned baby elephant, named Dok Geaw, is almost two years old and he’s the cutest thing you’ll see today! He was recently moved to the Elephant Nature Park and received a heartwarming welcome from his new family members: Dok Rak, Faa Mai, Sri Nuan, Faa Sai, Dok Ngern, and Dok Mai.

Watch the video below:

There’s no doubt that the older elephants will teach little Dok Geaw everything he needs to know as he grows up! If you want to help Dok Geaw and his new family at the Elephant Nature Park, you can make a donation to the park’s elephant care fund here. Whatever funds they receive is used for veterinary care, enclosure maintenance, and food.

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