Camouflage is a survival mechanism employed by a wide variety of animal species. It helps them blend into their surroundings so that they are nearly impossible to detect by predators and their prey. You might be surprised just how well camouflage works, allowing animals to virtually disappear into their natural surroundings.

Clearly, camouflage is the real-life version of Harry Potter's invisibility cloak! Look at the photos below and see if you can spot the hidden animals, it’s harder than you might think.

1. Seahorse

Steve Childs

2. Crab Spider

BG Thomson via EarthPrints

3. Leaf-Tailed Gecko

Thomas Marent

4. How long does it take you to spot the large snow leopard?

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5. Wrap-Around Spider


6. Southern Cricket Frog

Rich Leighton via EarthPrints

7. Walking Stick Insect

Ted Kinsman via EarthPrints

8. Wolf Spider

Piet Grobler

9. Eastern Screech Owl

Asbed Iskedjian via EarthPrints

10. Common Baron Caterpillar

Wohin Auswandern

11. Mom has her baby alligators all in a row and perfectly camouflaged on a floating log

Carla Parris via EarthPrints

Watch your step!

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