This might be one of the wildest hotels in Japan--and Japan is home to some really off-the-wall hotels! The floating Mizukami Hotel is a singular hotel room with a bed, toilet and shower. In other words, this circular shaped shark-bait has everything a standard hotel room does. Well, except access to anything outside of your room.

After you hop aboard the capsule, you have the chance to sleep beneath the stars while you slowly drift away to an island where the company is currently building a resort. The Mizukami Hotel expects to be open for operation by next winter.

The capsule is between 36 to 38 square meters and can accommodate up to 4 people, albeit you better really like those people because you’ll be in tight quarters.

Matome News

It looks pretty cool, besides the nightmarish scenes that flash before my eyes when I imagine riding out a storm in this thing.

Matome News

A night in the floating orb is expected to cost around $300.

Source: Matome News via Bored Panda

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