Nick Cardello and Kurt English set the Internet on fire after posting matching pictures taking 24 years apart of an iconic kiss that generated over 600,000 likes and 152,000 retweets in just two days.

The couple who live in Tampa, Florida have been married since 2008, but first met at an LGBTQ-friendly church in 1992. The decision to recreate one of their first photos together near the Washington Monument and share it on social media was made out of Cardello’s desire to publicly celebrate the love he shares with his husband.

That meant kissing, holding hands — these were things we kept off social media because it can make some people feel uncomfortable. I realized that this was just another closet we had to come out of,” he told the New York Daily News. “We need to get more images like this out there so the youth today can have positive role models.”

Nick told the publication that both photos were taken on the Mall in Washington D.C. near the Washington Monument. He explained, "The first was (during) the march on Washington in 1993, a friend took the photo (there was no digital then), the second was at the Equality March for Unity and Pride taken by Kurt's sister, who marched with us. It was at the suggestion of a friend of ours to recreate the photo 24 years later."

“We could never have imagined the incredible response to this that we’ve received,” Nick said.

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