Danny Quirk is fascinated by the human anatomy, and decided to use his incredible artistic talents to create paintings and drawings that capture the inner workings of our bodies in amazing detail.

Specializing in photo realistic watercolor, he says he prides himself on "painting what the camera can't capture."

Muscles, tissue, organs and more are carefully rendered on the subjects' skin, making it appear as though their flesh has been opened up to reveal the inner wonders that allow us to move, breathe, and live.

“It seems there is a skewed connotation with the perception of anatomy in art,” Quirk explains. “For whatever reason, people tend to view it as ‘morbid' or ‘creepy.' Part of the goal of these pieces is to combat this ignorance, and educate individuals as to the beauty that lies beneath. Having spent time working with cadavers and creating illustrations for medical publications, I got to experience first hand just how complex yet delicate the body is, wonderfully illustrating beauty is more than skin deep.”

His pieces are dark, yet incredibly captivating.

Quirk also does some very impressive body art.

#body #painting and #wip from about 2 years ago depicting some #back #musculature

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Check out this video - it may be a little too real!

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