The glossy shine on these delectable looking desserts could star in a Kitchen Aid commercial… or they could sit on your countertops to wow and then delight your guests.

Russian confectioner Olga, known as olganoskovaa on Instagram, has created the most beautiful cakes on the planet. One look at her feed and you'll be drooling for her cakes while feeling envious of her mad skills.

Lucky for all of us, reddit user SuperDrew124 has revealed the secret behind these high-gloss cakes.

Seriously, how could this not remind you of a brand new beautiful Kitchen Aid mixer?

Instagram @olganoskovaa


20g Gelatin Powder

120 g water

300 g glucose

300 g sugar

150 g water

200 g sweetened cond milk

300 g chocolate (white, milk, dark or a combination)

Food Coloring

Instagram @olganoskovaa

How To:

1. Bloom gelatin in water

2. Boil the glucose, sugar and water

3. Remove mixture from heat and then add the gelatin

4. Add the cond milk

5. Pour over chocolate and buerre mix to get rid of any air bubbles; use at 35C/95F.

Following these instructions you will end up with a glaze to pour over a cake. In order to achieve the marbling effect you use a combination of different color glazes.

Instagram @olganoskovaa

Instagram @olganoskovaa

Instagram @olganoskovaa

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