Jonathan Kubben Quiñonez went viral last year after sharing photos of himself traveling the world with a sign that reads, “Mom, I’m Fine.” Jonathan quit his job and bought a one-way ticket to Cuba in March of 2016. As you can imagine, his mother was very concerned over his seemingly irresponsible decision. And so to ease her worries, he continued sending home pictures with a sweet message: “Mom, I’m fine.” And he sure looks fine... AF...

Jonathan's photos are never bland or boring! He keeps things exciting by posing himself in all types of crazy situations, and always with stunning landscapes or locations in the background.

Say Cheese! 🐪 Credits 📷 @rafaeldeprost

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No matter how dangerous or risky a photo appears, he always includes a sign to reassure his mom he’s perfectly fine.

Jonathan began his journey as an everyday Jon, and today he has over 237,000 Instagram followers. He said he watched his following steadily grow throughout the year as he traveled to more cities and places.

Jonathan's goal is to inspire others to take chances and live the life you really want. “Everybody loves to travel, you just have to dare to do it,” he told Bored Panda.

Zip lining upside down, 300 meters above the Peruvian jungle #momimfine #cusco #peru #vertikalzipline #adventure #travel #sun

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His mom's response?

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