10 Pro Packing Tips That Are Pure Genius

Facts we know to be true: Packing (and unpacking) is the only bad thing about traveling. Packing always takes longer than expected. No matter how many check lists you create, or how many days in advance you start packing, you always panic about something you think you forgot. More than likely, you remembered that “something” but forgot another thing you haven’t even thought of yet.

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Take a couple deep breaths and revel in the fact you can pack like a pro from here on out using these 10 packing tips!

1. Use a pillbox to store small jewelry, like earnings

Contact cases work great too!

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2. Don't fold! Roll your clothes instead

You can pack a lot more clothes into one bag if you roll them instead of fold them.

3. Plan out your outfits beforehand

Plan what you're going to wear every day of your trip, that way you can get ready faster and waste less space packing clothes you'll never wear.


4. Stuff socks in your shoes to save space

5. Use straws to prevent your necklaces from tangling up

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6. Store belts in your shirt collars so they maintain their shape

This also gives you a handy place to store belts without taking up additional space.

7. Use a binder clip to protect your razor


8. Use washi tape or saran wrap to prevent liquids from spilling in your bag

9. Fill up your hat(s) with clothes or other random goods

Make use of this otherwise wasted space while helping your hat maintain its shape.

10. Slip your shoes into an old shower cap to prevent your clothes from getting dirty

Use a shower cap on the bottom of your shoes before packing them in your suitcase. #packingtip #packinghack #shoes #packing #vacation #travel #unlimitedescapes

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