These prom pics taken in front of a frightening tornado will blow you away—quite literally!

Last weekend the town of Wray, Colorado experienced a rare tornado that left a number of homes destroyed and 5 people injured. The very same night a local high school was hosting prom, resulting in some truly wild pictures.

The rare tornado that struck Wray, Colorado on Satuday May 7:

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The looming threat of the twisting tornado didn't get in the way of prom goers Charlie Bator, 18, and Alie Marintzer, 15. The two high school sweethearts were taking traditional prom pics when they heard tornado sirens start to go off.

When they stepped outside to see what the commotion was all about they saw a tornado forming in the distance. Instead of running scared they begged Marintzer's mom (Heidi Marintzer) to go outside and take some pics of them posing in front of it.

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Bator said, "It was far enough away that we knew we were going to be OK."

That didn't keep these lovebird's hearts from racing as they posed all dressed up for the prom with a tornado barreling at them in the distance.

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They even took selfies featuring a photobomb from one of Mother Nature's most violent children, a tornado.

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Turns out, the tornado was just three miles from the Marintzer household. Luckily, it didn't pick up enough power to make it all the way to their home.

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Mrs. Marintzer said, "I knew they'd be safe. They went on to the prom and had a fabulous night."

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