Sea lions are adorable animals, but as this shocking video reveals, they can also be dangerous. The footage, taken by Michael Fujiwara at Steveston Fisherman's Wharf in Canada, shows a little girl almost get dragged into the water by a California sea lion.

Some tourists were watching a sea lion swimming near a dock. It bobbed around and ate the food they tossed in. At one point, it jumped out of the water close to where a child was standing.

When the child sat down on the wooden ledge with her back to the water, the sea lion decided to grab onto her dress and drag her in. Luckily, a lot of people witnessed the incident and one man immediately dived in to rescue her.

Watch the shocking video below:

Bob Baziuk, the general manager of Steveston Harbour, told CNN that no one was injured. He said they’ve been warning tourists not to feed the animals for years.

“It’s not Sea World, it’s a place where you buy fish,” Baziuk said. “If you feed the animals like this you’re asking for trouble.”

Cover image via Michael Fujiwara | YouTube

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