The squirrels in this neighborhood in Toronto, Canada, have a serious case of the sticky fingers. They’ve been raiding Luke’s Grocery and Snack Bar for almost five years, and the store owner had no idea who was behind the rash of candy thefts. He finally learned the truth after setting up a camera that caught the band of furry thieves in action.

Cindy Kim, whose parents own the store, told The Dodo that her parents have only themselves to blame. The thefts started right after her dad began leaving sunflower seeds outside for birds. It seems his act of generosity also attracted the cheeky thieves.

It’s difficult to catch the little critters in the act because by the time her parents or a customer reacts, the squirrel is already halfway across the street with a Kinder Bueno in its mouth.

The family finally set up cameras to catch the thieves in action. You can watch it below—it’ll make your day! Kim’s dad still doesn't know how to deal with the problem. At the moment, squirrel sightings are infrequent because of the winter cold, but the family expects spring to bring a fresh wave of chocolate bar heists. You can follow the squirrel squad’s ongoing adventures on this Facebook page.

Watch the video below to see the Kinder Bueno thieves in action:

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