Cynthia Wakelin’s 14-year-old dog Toby James was tragically killed by the UPS driver, and do you want to know the worst part of all? The driver simply moved the beloved family dog to the side of the road and left a heartless note (sort of) explaining what happened on a “missed package” slip.

“Sorry, but I backed over Tobey. He’s dead over by where I turn around. I didn’t see him behind me. Sorry,” the UPS driver wrote before fleeing the scene.

“All I saw on the note was ‘Tobey’ and ‘he’s dead,’ and I just started screaming,” Cynthia said, “I told my girlfriend to get my kids in the house. My son was asking what was wrong, and I said I needed to find Toby. I guess I didn’t believe it was true.”

After finding her deceased dog, a shaken Cynthia dialed UPS customer service for some sort of explanation. To add insult to injury, the UPS customer service rep said, “At least he had the heart to leave a note and didn’t just leave your dog dead on your driveway.”

UPS attempted to redeem themselves by sending a different representative to Cynthia’s home to personally offer condolences. This same representative was tasked with intercepting the driver’s route and reprimanding him.

It wasn’t nearly enough for Cynthia, and so she decided to share the note on social media in hopes of sparking changes in UPS policy.

PLEASE SHARE! THIS IS TO TRY AND CHANGE @UPS POLICY! WHEN AN A PET IS INJURED OR KILLED THERE SHOULD BE A CALL! IT SHOULD NOT BE IN A SAME CATEGORY AS A PACKAGE. LEAVING A NOTE IS NOT OK! A @ups driver killed my 14 y/o dog, Toby, and left this note on my door! He also put his body where I had to search for him. My phone number was on the package and on my babies collar. You took my baby! You couldn't even call and tell me or give a sincere apology? You thought you could redeliver my package the next day and apologize (according to your supervisor because I reported it and you did not )? We weren't worth your time that day? I had to come home WITH MY KIDS and find a note! Do you know how traumatizing that is for a 6 year old boy?! I'm sick. My whole family is sick. This is not acceptable! I live far off the main roads. You failed to pay attention and have no heart! You ripped my family into pieces all because of a policy @ups needs to change ! I didn't get to say goodbye to the first dog I have ever owned. He was my family. He was my child's best friend. We deserved a call. #iwantmydogback #mansbestfriend #Dogsmatter #dogs #dogstrust #changeupspolicy #wspca #inhumane #ups @oprahmagazine @oprah #oprah #foxnews @foxnews #nbc @nbc @instagram #instagram

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Cynthia plans to pursue legal action and is in the process of obtaining animal rights lawyers to assist with her case.

Cynthia said, “UPS to make it a point to tell their drivers that they need to care about the people they are delivering these packages to. And if their pets get hurt – even if they don’t care – they should act like they care.”

RIP Sweet Toby James <3


Source: CBS46, Instagram

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