Islamophobia has been running rampant, not just in the U.S., but in many places around the world. Some are apparently under the impression that wearing a hijab (a head covering worn in public by some Muslim women), is a manifestation of extremism representing terrorists.

In some places, like France, wearing a head scarf like this is actually banned. Some Muslim women in the U.S. have said that they're worried about displaying outward signs of their faith, praying in public or wearing the hijab.

Sadly, in London last December, two women were accused of punching and kicking a Muslim woman wearing a hijab during a violent Islamophobic attack on board a bus, making those fears all too real.

In light of that, the Huffington Post recently asked women across the Internet to show how beautifully diverse the hijab can be using the hashtab #HijabToMe, and as a result, many revealed their beautiful reasons for wearing one. What do you think, is this really the face of terrorism?









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